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One Word 2013 – ACHIEVE

Since I’ve started my blog, I’ve connected with some fascinating bloggers–experienced and amateurs like myself–that I follow. From reading various blogs, I linked up to the One Word 365 Community from the One Word 365 blog. The One Word focus … Continue reading

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Wordless–to some degree–Wednesday March 20

Continuing the message of “finding life outside of the comfort zone”, I offer this photo of a passage from Francis Chan’s Crazy Love. We were created to live a life outside the box, not a life boxed in the comfort … Continue reading

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Mental Conversation of a Risk-Taker

RISK… This month’s theme for the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). The writing prompt for yesterday–which I delayed writing because yesterday was Wordless Wednesday for my blog–asked the question: “What is the riskiest thing you’ve ever done? How did it … Continue reading

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Great Expectations… With great risks come great rewards.

Life is about taking risks. Whether in life, work, play, love or living on purpose, taking risks propels a person to discover the unknown about themselves and what life has to offer them. We would live a useless life without taking … Continue reading

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