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All Things Are Possible

The picture above — used as my Twitter and blog profile picture — showcases three of my favorite Honesty bead bracelets. The highlighted charm states “All things are possible”. That bracelet serves as a reminder that with God all things … Continue reading

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Sunday Restful Word: I AM

Re-blogging October 29, 2012 message on I AM influenced by the episode of Oprah’s Lifeclass with Pastor Joel Osteen and Oprah. Segment from the post I wrote: What will be your daily “I AM” message? Will it be of gratitude, motivation, or a good … Continue reading

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Freedom Friday: Moving closer to my dreams.

“CLOSER” by Goapele Closer to my dreams It’s coming over me I’m gettin’ higher Closer to my dreams I’m getting higher and higher Feel it in my sleep Some times it feels like I’ll never go pass here Some times … Continue reading

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Motivation Monday – March 25: Get moving on your goals.

Today’s motivational statements: “Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today.” ―Thomas Jefferson Setting goals and making moves, ~Angela Fight. Finish. Faith. (2 Timothy 4:7 NKJV)

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Freedom Friday: Weekend Assignment

We have homework. Courtesy of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network Facebook page, an awesome weekend assignment to complete and activate for the month of April. The weekend assignment equates to the picture below: Knowledge corresponds to writing our goals down, forming … Continue reading

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Finding LIFE Outside of The Comfort Zone!

Each of us have something comfortable we love to be in–a favorite shirt, a soft and cozy housecoat, or a comfy chair–and enjoy the feeling of being comfortable. Ahhhhhhhh… The thought of my favorite comfy housecoat and chair relaxes me … Continue reading

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God-sized Dream: vision, plan, and ACTION!

Dear Dreamer, Why are you still dreaming the same dream? Is it something you desire? Is it because there is a purpose burning within you that has not been fulfilled? Why are you still talking about that same dream over … Continue reading

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