Marathon Madness

Chicago skyline at night

Ever since I started running. I fantasized about running the Chicago Marathon! It eventually became something I listed on my “Bucket List”.

#TeamOne&Done is for any fanatic fan that wants to try something only once and be free of the fascination of the event. For me, that event is the


4 Responses to Marathon Madness

  1. Bran says:

    I too have that same desire to run the Chicago marathon. Hopefully, with the proper training, I too will be able to scratch that off my bucket list….Lord willing

    • Thanks for reading the blog and posting a comment!! Girl, I refuse to call my list the “bucket list”; don’t want to celebrate the end of life. I’ve re-named it the “Live Life Now List”; celebrating living life now instead of kicking things off a list. WE will be at Chicago for 2013!! 🙂

  2. Bran says:

    Positive and Progess love the new name. Yes 2013!

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