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Sharing a little encouragement for the tough days.

We celebrate and rejoice in the good days we experience throughout our week. But every now and then, a tough day sneaks up and parks its miserable little self at our front doorstep, hoping to trip us up on our … Continue reading

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Soul benefit of running

The statement below express my feelings about running: It’s something about running outdoors on a beautiful day. Peace. Tranquility. Solitude. Release of anxieties and stress. Cleansing & renewing. Mental challenge to stay focus on the course. Spiritual connecting with nature … Continue reading

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March: Madness, Challenges, and Transformation

The NCAA Tournament time – also known as “March Madness” – is a favorite time of year (when football season is over). I enjoy watching the various conference tournaments leading to the “Big Dance”/Final Four. I’m sure it is both … Continue reading

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