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Taking calculated risks in faith.

Leaps and Bounds of Faith

There are times in life we take analyzed and calculated risks in life. It’s safe to take risks when we’ve prepared and planned every possible obstacle and roadblocks. But, life often throws a few surprises in our direction, when we … Continue reading

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Wordless–to some degree–Wednesday March 20

Continuing the message of “finding life outside of the comfort zone”, I offer this photo of a passage from Francis Chan’s Crazy Love. We were created to live a life outside the box, not a life boxed in the comfort … Continue reading

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Finding LIFE Outside of The Comfort Zone!

Each of us have something comfortable we love to be in–a favorite shirt, a soft and cozy housecoat, or a comfy chair–and enjoy the feeling of being comfortable. Ahhhhhhhh… The thought of my favorite comfy housecoat and chair relaxes me … Continue reading

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Mental Conversation of a Risk-Taker

RISK… This month’s theme for the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). The writing prompt for yesterday–which I delayed writing because yesterday was Wordless Wednesday for my blog–asked the question: “What is the riskiest thing you’ve ever done? How did it … Continue reading

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Great Expectations… With great risks come great rewards.

Life is about taking risks. Whether in life, work, play, love or living on purpose, taking risks propels a person to discover the unknown about themselves and what life has to offer them. We would live a useless life without taking … Continue reading

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Freedom Friday… Living Your Passion

Today’s reading: an article in Natural Awakenings ( on “Fashion a Passion-Driven Life: Realize Your Purpose and Feed Your Soul”. This article is about people who are searching for something fulfilling (purpose) over doing a over-worked corporate career (profits). There … Continue reading

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