Leaps and Bounds of Faith

There are times in life we take analyzed and calculated risks in life. It’s safe to take risks when we’ve prepared and planned every possible obstacle and roadblocks. But, life often throws a few surprises in our direction, when we are not prepared, and it can elicit fear in us. Once we have a fear experience, we become scared to take chances, risks, or another leap of faith. One fear experience can knock the courageous spirit out of us.


Baby eagles fail several times before developing the skills of flying. Often, the eagles fall and hurt themselves over again while enduring the process of learning to fly. The injured young undergo the process of healing before taking the leap of faith again in order to soar. And like the baby eagle in the attempts of learning to fly, we, too, may fail in our attempts to go after our dreams. After the failure, we can not simply give up. We must make those attempts–over and over again–until we successfully take flight.

To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest. ―Pema Chödrön

We know the risks in taking challenges, pursuing our goals, or taking leaps of faith. We know what we need to do but we allow the bounds of fear to stop us. By taking a leap, we jump beyond the boundaries of fear into the boundaries of faith. Being bounded by fear constrains us to our comfort zones, where faith does not abide or thrive. Yes, it is safe there but growth does not take place. Living life evolves around growth. Being “safe” creates a place of boredom, a person of routine, a stagnant environment, and no life.

Sometimes we know in our bones what we really need to do, but we’re afraid to do it. Taking a chance and stepping beyond the safety of the world we’ve always known is the only way to grow, though and without risk there is no reward. ―Wil Wheaton

What environment are you living in? Does your environment spark excitement, challenge, and/or growth?

Do you find yourself wishing for a different life? Are you living the life people told you should live–get the house, the car, the 2.5 kids and a dog–but you are not really living?

Have you let go of the dreams you once carried in your heart?

Maybe it is time to dream again.

Taking leaps of faith without the parachute,

Fight. Finish. Faith. (2 Timothy 4:7 NKJV)

PS… Technical difficulties in publishing late last night. I do apologize.


About Life and Shifting Seasons

Lover of God, jazz music, movies, books and nature. Southern girl. Smiling face. Spelman grad. Delta Diva. Almond butter/Nutella addict. RunningNerd. Aspiring author. Blogger. Focusing on living an Ephesians 5:16 life… Making the most of EVERY opportunity!
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