Just a word a day…

On Saturday March 2nd, I had an opportunity to see two wonderful and inspiring authors who are – what I call – my virtual mentors, Victoria Christopher Murray and ReShonda Tate Billingsley. They are on a promotional book signing tour for their collaboration on Friends And Foes. In addition to being great writers, they are also an inspiration to aspiring writers like myself.

Soror Victoria Christopher Murray and ReShonda Tate Billingsley "Friends And Foes" book signing in Atlanta, GA.

Soror Victoria Christopher Murray and ReShonda Tate Billingsley “Friends And Foes” book signing in Atlanta, GA.

Through her Facebook page, Victoria Christopher Murray offers wisdom and advice to aspiring authors. One piece of advice I have taken to heart:

“Write a word a day!”

Write a word a day motivation!

Focus on writing one word a day.

For her first novel, Ms. Murray wrote a word a day until it was completed. Just that simple… A word a day! This method minimizes the stress for a new writer who assumes 1000 words should be written daily. I had been stressing myself out to do 500-1500 words daily and found myself walking away because of the self-imposed pressure I placed on myself. Ms. Murray’s advice comforted my soul and bought a sense of relief to me. I can achieve this small goal and set a writing flow according to my pace.

Another piece of advice from Ms. Murray’s Facebook page:

Aspiring Writers: After years and years and years of saying that I wanted to write a book, I finally found the one thing that made me get off my butt and do it – I realized that I didn’t want to one day be 80, living with the regret of never having even tried to write that book. I found that one spark that I needed to make my desire greater than my resistance. You will not be able to write, you will not be able to finish, until your desire becomes greater than your resistance. When I found my desire, I wrote Temptation, my first novel, that I self published, then found an agent, Time-Warner picked up Temptation and three months after its publication, it was nominated for an NAACP Image Award. Now, over twenty books later…….So…what’s your desire?

I do not want to live a life of regret over anything, especially my writing. I would hate to find myself, 40 years from today, wondering “what if”. Life is about taking risks – living, breathing, loving, working, pursuing, playing – every single day. No one wants to regret not living life to the fullest or loving someone whole-heartedly or pursuing a passion. Therefore, it is up to me to fulfill my goals and see them to completion. BUT!… The first piece of advice to myself… Stop quitting!!!

The difference between a professional writer versus an amateur writer.

The difference between a professional writer versus an amateur writer.

Now is my season to fulfill everything under the sun. It is all up to me… time for me to shift and make the most of this season while I have it NOW!

Fight. Finish. Faith. (2 Timothy 4:7 NKJV)


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Lover of God, jazz music, movies, books and nature. Southern girl. Smiling face. Spelman grad. Delta Diva. Almond butter/Nutella addict. RunningNerd. Aspiring author. Blogger. Focusing on living an Ephesians 5:16 life… Making the most of EVERY opportunity!
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2 Responses to Just a word a day…

  1. MochaChic says:

    Yes!!! Inspiring as always!! Thank you for sharing and I too will be in my season to fulfill it!

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