Help wanted: SUPPORT!

Lately, I’ve been inspired by the stories of ladies who have taken winding path of following their paths. Fueled by their passion and the desire to do something different, these ladies are truly an inspiration. When I hear them talk about their new journey, you can’t help but to become excited. They spew out their passion in their discussions about the new path and the journey it’s taking them on. You feel the passion, joy, love, energy and drive in their voices as they communicate about their new journey. You can get a bit jealous hearing the excitement and witnessing someone living their passion. Moreover, you can become extremely jealous to hear these women leave the corporate world to pursue their dreams.

One thing these ladies have in common: each one is married and have someone to support them – emotionally, spiritually and most of all financially – in their process to live their passion. So, that leads me to this question… Who supports the single woman? In her quest to live her passion, how can the single woman pursue her dreams and passions if there’s no one to support her? What does it take for the single woman to meet the demands of every day-to-day living and follow her dreams, goals and aspirations? Who supports the single woman going after her God-given abilities and talent? 

I thoroughly enjoy hearing the stories of these particular ladies pursuing their dreams and goals. But I have to admit, I am envious of the support they have. Don’t condemn me for feeling envious of someone… I’m human, not perfect! {twisted lip look} I can admit I am envious of someone and their position. It has to be a wonderful place to have someone support you as your pursue your dreams and goals. It’s a blessed position to be in and experience. To have a nurturing partner support your dreams and passions can only fuel one to go above and beyond. I can only imagine that support would encourage you to do exceeding abundantly and above so success would be a blessing for you and your spouse. 

But what about us single ladies? Who supports us? 

How can I go about managing my day-to-day responsibilities and develop my passion and live out my dreams? How can I do what I need to do in order to get where I want to go – without a support system in place? Who do I turn to or run to? These are the pressing questions on my mind when I think about finding my passion and living it. There isn’t a “Boaz” around to handle the weight of the responsibilities I carry. No safety net. No life line. No life vest. No “dial a friend for help”. And definitely no hefty bank account to live off of for three years max! 

How can I find my passion and have a “walk on water” experience without the – emotional, spiritual and financial – support? {long sigh} I don’t know the answer at this time but I’m committed to finding a way. For now, I can only pray and ask God to “do exceedingly abundantly above all that I may ask or think, according to the power that works in me…” (Ephesians 3:20). This is His promise and I have to believe Him at His word.

I’ll keep you all posted on my progress. Until then, please share your thoughts, suggestions, love and support. 

Be blessed and be a blessing,

Fight. Finish. Faith (2 Timothy 4:7 NKJV)


About Life and Shifting Seasons

Lover of God, jazz music, movies, books and nature. Southern girl. Smiling face. Spelman grad. Delta Diva. Almond butter/Nutella addict. RunningNerd. Aspiring author. Blogger. Focusing on living an Ephesians 5:16 life… Making the most of EVERY opportunity!
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4 Responses to Help wanted: SUPPORT!

  1. Tish says:

    Great read! Thank you for sharing your heart. .

  2. Thank you dear for your response. Doing my best to be transparent. I’ll never know who is experiencing similar challenges if I don’t allow myself to be opened up and used for His good!

    Please continue to follow me and link the blog in your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! *smooches*

  3. Shawn says:

    Well, sigh…I feel ya. I often have the same thoughts….”who’s gonna support meeeee, what about meeeeee”?????…LOL, Not to come off a Miss SuperSpritual, but God has been a mighty support in my life. I don’t always see it. But if I watch closely, I see Him placing supportive folks all along my path. They just don’t appear in the handsome male form that I envisioned…LOL. And I still long for “that man” (friend, lover, husband, significant other, etc.) wherever he may be, to be my support. But then I really thing about how good the single woman has it. That support from a man could hinder me in other areas, and it’s sort of nice to have dreams and goals and not have to clear them with anyone else. I mean, I could move to Canada and open a dress shop if I wanted to and not have to get anyone’s input. But yes, sigh,,,I do feel ya. I would be nice to share the dream AND get the much needed support.

    • Thank you for your response and you’re right… God has been a mighty support and has guided the right people along the path to support me. It’s just, I’ve been so use to support others, it’ll be nice to have that in return. But until God places the right “Boaz” in my life, I’ll have to manage this ship on my own with God being the pilot. I’ll have to manage surviving this thing called LIFE and using whatever available time to go after my passion and purpose.

      As women, we can do one thing… support one another with motivation, information and laughter!!

      Whatever you want in life Shawn, you can have it!! Go for it!!



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